Children's International Film Festival (CIFF) offers several unique features.

  • Continuous brand visibility from sign-up till the festival edition concludes; not just one day!
  • Exceptionally wide reach across UAE and beyond in 65+ countries,
  • Shared-space in different media campaigns - Digital, Newsprint, Radio, TV and Cinema,
  • Opportunities to truly engage with the community; offline in multiple events and online on portal/social media,
  • Strengthen CSR initiatives and enhance Emotional Quotient, and
  • Reasonable pricing of sponsorship opportunities of all levels.

Recap of the 2016 edition

In the 2016 edition, CIFF attracted participation of 40+ schools, 500+ teachers, over 2700 aspiring young filmmakers and close to 24,000 attendees. Additionally, 1000+ filmmakers from 66 countries submitted 1156 films in 55 languages. Click here to view the highlights of CIFF2016 and more.

Recap of the 2015 edition

In the 2015 edition, CIFF attracted participation of 40+ schools, 500+ teachers, close to 2500 aspiring young filmmakers and in excess of 20,000 attendees. Additionally, 400+ filmmakers from 64 countries submitted 410 films in 54 languagesClick here to view the highlights of CIFF2015 and for more information.

Recap of the 2014 edition

In the 2014 edition, CIFF attracted participation of 44 schools, 500+ teachers, close to 1000 aspiring young filmmakers and in excess of 15,000 attendees. Additionally, 230 filmmakers from 38 countries submitted 234 films in 36 languagesClick here to view the highlights of CIFF2014 and for more information.

Bigger and Better CIFF2017

Whether you are an already established brand or an upcoming one, there are several customizable sponsorship options available for your consideration - PlatinumGoldSilver and Bronze.

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