Win CASH Prizes at CIFF2017!

In Principal Partnership with Dubai Customs, CIFF2017 brings you a new theme with CASH Prizes to be won. Now that's a HAPPY and PROSPEROUS new year to all you filmmakers out there!

For Schools & Students in UAE - checkout the Dubai Customs Contest for more details.

For International Filmmakers - checkout the Awards page for more details.

At CIFF, Films are for everyone; children and the child in YOU!

An extravaganza Film FestivalFilmmaking Workshops, Film Forums, meaningful & inspirational Cinema from around the world, Student-made films from UAE and lots more ... !! 

Every year CIFF brings an array of the best and award-winning 'International Films' from around the world and conducts a 'Nationwide Filmmaking Competition' across UAE to encourage local talent.

With a diverse selection award winning International Shorts and Features spanning the globe along with inspirational UAE Student made Films Children's International Film Festival's (CIFF) 2017 edition will take you on an incredible cinematic journey!

Grab a Popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the show!